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Episode 12: The Key to Working as a Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo with Lori Siebert & Kenzie Elston

Listen to Lori Siebert, Kenzie Elston, and Jo Packham chat about all the ins and outs of what it is like working as a mother-daughter duo. In Lori’s first podcast episode, she discussed her perspective of having a daughter who loves art just as much as she does. Now, Lori and Kenzie come together to share their story. 

Kenzie Elston is a born creative who loves color, whimsy and all things floral. With a degree in graphic design, she works for her parents’ small design firm Olika, who licenses art to a variety of companies. Outside of illustrating, Kenzie is a notorious collector of sketchbooks, antique tchotchkes, and novels and she lives for daily dance parties with her 6 and 4-year-old sons.

Listen to Lori’s full episode here!

Learn more about Kenzie Elston —

Instagram: @snippetsofwhimsy

Website: Lori Siebert & Co – Kenzie’s Work

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Website: Lori Siebert & Co