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Tim H. Frazier

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Tim H. Frazier’s photography career began with a simple box camera he received on his 12th birthday. He was fascinated by capturing little two-dimensional slices of reality, and this budding passion led to a visual life, including a 40-year teaching career and his retirement as a professor emeritus from Idaho State University. Over the decades since a local drug store processed his first fuzzy images, Tim earned his undergraduate degree in engineering from Vanderbilt University, published research papers on his graduate astronomical studies and earned an MFA from the University of Florida. He found ways to incorporate photography in all these pursuits, refining techniques he learned from both his technical background and aesthetic interests. 

At Florida, he studied under Jerry Uelsmann and Duane Michals, drawing heavily on their image-making traditions. Tim’s work received international attention and is in over a dozen collections, including the Tampa Museum of Art, the Fuji Corporation Collection, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  He was selected as an Idaho Living Artist in 1991. 

Since 2004, his work has been peer reviewed and presented at international arts and humanities conferences, including those at UCLA, Cambridge University, England, and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

In addition to his fine-art work, Tim spent six years directing a NASA-funded high-altitude balloon project. This project launched experiments and cameras to altitudes in excess of 90,000 feet. In 2009, he headed a team that built an experimental capsule that NASA launched into space. He currently serves on the board of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, and on clear nights, he can be found under the stars with telescopes he built and, of course, a camera. 


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