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Rolinda Windhorst

on social media

Rolinda Windhorst is a Dutch photographer with an eye for photographing the most beautiful moments of everyday life. Her work is used in lifestyle, food, fashion and travel media and editorial features.

She is always in demand by brands and agencies, and travels internationally to work on campaigns and stories for her clients. She is known for creating authentic, believable narratives through her lens. Rolinda has an instinctive sense of how to capture heartfelt and optimistic images, with her subjects at the centre of the story. She loves working with kids. She also has a special interest and skill in food photography and the cultural aspects of food, and this work has taken her to Italy, Thailand and, most recently, India. 

Rolinda has a unique ability to put her subjects completely at ease and photograph them in such a natural way their personality is as clear as their image. She lives with her husband, Lars, and their young family in an old converted Kaashandel (cheese maker’s warehouse), built in 1928. Their small town is in the lovely Het Groene Hart, an area known as “The Green Heart” of the Netherlands. A classic Dutch landscape, it is rich with expansive meadows, peat bogs, a network of waterways, historic towns and villages, and, not surprisingly, is home to many dairy farmers and cheese makers still producing cheese.


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