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Rick Pharaoh

on social media

The groundwork for Rick Pharaoh’s unique vision as a photographer was laid during his California childhood, where his parents exposed him to the varied landscape of the Western U.S. and Canada, including extensive travel in his father’s small airplane. In the West, the drama of nature can be seen in all its awe-inspiring and ever-changing aspects. This influence, coupled with the introduction of photography in high school, led Rick to the medium that would give him an ideal way to explore his creativity.

A truly life-shaping event was a class trip to the Monterey Peninsula to meet Ansel Adams and Wynn Bullock. The legendary photographers judged the work produced for the students’ annual photography contest — a priceless introduction to the concept of serious critique and thoughtful evaluation by respected artists. With this powerful impetus, Rick’s formative experiences led him to choose a career in commercial photography.

His technique is to capture images that provide a perspective and communicate the essence of a project, taking an approach that is both traditional in process yet cutting-edge in technology. Rick has been a photographer, working with architects, artists (in all mediums) and other commercial clients, for over 30 years, collaborating on projects to find an amazing view, an unusual close-up, a unique perspective.

He shares, “The beauty of light fascinates me, and whether I am photographing or not, I often just pause to take in the visual experience. I feel very fortunate to be a photographer: It gives me access to a range of experiences that would not be possible in another profession.”


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