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Patrick Tregenza

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Oh, Salinas. It’s given us Steinbeck, salad, rodeo pronounced wrong, and, well, Patrick Tregenza. A second-generation Monterey County native, he ventured westward to the Monterey Peninsula and discovered that it’s pretty much the same, but the land runs out. He decided to stay anyway, though he never forgot his roots, and so, to this day, he is able to identify almost any vegetable field at 60 miles per hour. 

Having found out early that jazz drumming might not be the most secure way to make a living, he shifted his focus to commercial photography. Given his upbringing in the Salad Bowl of the World, Patrick’s pursuit of clients in the agriculture industry seemed like a no-brainer. His bread-and-butter jobs are sometimes literally bread and butter (or meat and potatoes) but are most often foods we were told to eat as kids. Salinas is still the lettuce center of the universe, as it has been since Cal and Aron fought for their father’s good graces, and Patrick still does his best to entice us all to eat healthier. You can witness some of these enticements on his website.


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