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Ogden Gigli

on social media

OGDEN GIGLI comes from a photographic lineage. His father, Ormond Gigli, was one of New York City’s most sought-after photographers from 1955 to 1975. Ogden grew up in a New York City fashion photography studio. Ogden’s training started early — cleaning up sets was one of his favorite things to do — he just loved being in a studio and still does. He eventually started shooting still life, moving on to fashion and industrial location work. Today, he is in the Berkshires shooting in a beautiful studio in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He photographs fashion and studio still life — on location for industry, hospitals, manufacturing, resorts — and lifestyle and nature.

The thrill of an assignment gets his blood going, although a good cup of coffee does help sometimes. His website is Please feel free to check the website out and ask him any questions. He loves to talk shop.


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