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Marja Sterck

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Marja Sterck lives and works in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Since her graduation (1988, Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg), she has worked as a fine artist, using photography for the making of her art. She exhibits internationally in galleries and museums, including The Hague (The Netherlands) and Montpellier (France). Her work is also included in several art collections. 

Marja Sterck has a fascination with nature. Humans, animals, plants, and landscapes have her undivided attention and get her undiminished interest. The fascination with ‘nature’ does not appear out of thin air. With her two siblings as biologists, the interest in plants, humans, and animals is not strange. However, Sterck studies the elements of nature not as a scientist but as an artist. Her devoted attention and appreciation give an extra layer to her art. She is a photographer par excellence. Her photographs are technically and aesthetically perfect. Her technical knowledge and deep understanding of the camera allow her to create freely. She zooms until the grain is a geometric grit which is barely perceptible to the naked eye.


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