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Judite Howell

on social media

Judite Howell is a photographer based in Yzerfontein on the Western coast of the Cape of South Africa. In 2014, after many years of working as a freelance graphic designer, she bought her first DSLR camera with the intent to take occasional pictures of family and friends on the side. As time went by, she grew into a successful wedding photographer and never lost her love for the intimacy and honesty of portraiture.

Whether doodling faces as a child, or painting large, emotive murals as an adult, she has always been passionate about conveying the soul and character of her subject. To her, it’s not simply about making a photograph, but rather about telling the story of the beauty on the other side of the lens.

Glass bends light as life bends us, but the human spirit could never be distorted by a concept so fleeting as time. For Judite, this is the aim with every click of the shutter: timelessness.


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