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Jennifer Theress Kuhn

on social media

Jennifer Theress Kuhn is a wife, mother, lawyer and lifestyle photographer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has a passion for many things, including family, baking, traveling and capturing life’s little moments through photography.

Jenn considers herself the chaos coordinator of her three children, Ben (10), Jack (9), and Thomas (6). She loves coming up with activities both in the home and outside to keep her kids active and their minds moving. This year’s favorite activities include learning to cook breakfast and do laundry, hitting balls at Top Golf, feeding the elephants and rhino at the zoo and visiting different museums.

Baking with the kids and on her own is a huge part of daily life for Jenn. She is often trying to master new baking projects such as sourdough, yeast breads, macarons, pastries, cookies and cakes. However, it took her months of daily care to get a decent sourdough starter — nearly driving her crazy. She loves all things baking-related and is constantly trying out new recipes and techniques and dropping off baked goods to neighbors and friends.

Jenn and her husband, Mike, make a great effort to expose their children to different cultures by traveling. As a family, they have been to seven countries and 28 different states. A recent favorite trip was to England, where everyone loved seeing Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Within all aspects of her life, Jenn has put a focus on documenting the little moments through lifestyle photography. She is often seen picking up her camera or phone to take a photo of a seemingly insubstantial moment. The little moments of everyday tasks and events can be re-lived and experienced when looking back at the photos she takes.


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