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Jennifer Cashin

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With 15 years of seasoned expertise, this accomplished female photographer has fully enjoyed the art of capturing moments through her lens. Specializing in natural lighting portraits and studio production, Jennifer Cashin effortlessly weaves a narrative of love, joy and authenticity in every frame. Her journey began with a passion for preserving precious moments of her quickly growing family, eventually evolving into a career marked by proficiency and an artistic touch. Known for her ability to harness the subtleties of natural light, she creates portraits that radiate warmth and showcase the genuine essence of her subjects.

Whether it’s the soft glow of a sunset or the gentle play of light filtering through leaves, she skillfully employs the surroundings to enhance the visual storytelling in her work. Balancing technical prowess with a keen artistic sensibility, she is not merely a documentarian but a storyteller, translating emotions into visual poetry with each click of the shutter. It is her main priority to showcase someone’s story while highlighting all of the beauty and grit.

Jennifer enjoys spending time outdoors, enjoying the four seasons while living in Michigan. She spends a lot of time photographing her three children, capturing family memories for years to come.


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