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Jasmine Rose

on social media

Jasmine Rose is a photographer native to the Midwest. She loves photography because she is fascinated with light and hooked on the endless chase of visual expression. She has experience with commercial photography, but her main passion is taking portraits of people. Every person has a special and unique magic about them, and capturing that spark of something on camera is important — and fun!

Many people can feel hesitation over being photographed because we all have worries about how we are perceived. Jasmine tries to make the process feel as natural as possible. She is passionate about trying to share with others how beautiful they are. Photography can frame the way someone remembers and shares their story in the future. How it felt to be in that moment, to wear that outfit, to love those people. It’s the closest thing to pausing time for ourselves.

When Jasmine is not taking photos, she also creates stained-glass art through her business Electric Luster.


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