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Izabela Mattson

on social media

Izabela Mattson specializes in headshots and business brand photography because she believes business professionals can become more successful through photography. As Izabela moved from her home country of Denmark to Albany, Oregon, to begin her American life, she made it her mission to equip business professionals with headshots that show approachability and confidence that instantly build credibility and interest.

As customers, we want to know who we do business with, we want to feel inspired and drawn in through personal stories that make us feel something. A great portrait sparks a connection, and this magic doesn’t happen on its own. Izabela relies on coaching that brings the personality out to the surface.

In an earlier life, Izabela worked as a journalist in Denmark and took a Master’s Degree in Psychology. This helps her today in her work with real people who want to share the stories of their businesses in photographs. 


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