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Eugenia Kovaleva

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Eugenia Kovaleva’s journey as a professional photographer began in 2011. What started as a modeling career grew into a passion for all aspects of photo shoots and eventually love for the camera itself. Later that year, she bought her first SLR camera and started her career as an independent photographer. 

Her experience as a model helped her to connect to her clients on a more personal level, understand their needs and achieve a higher level of communication. It is very important for her to make sure that the photograph reflects the way the client sees themselves, combined with her artistic touch. The photograph has to show the strength in every person without masking any flaws and document a moment in life that can tell the story of a lifetime. This one moment can tell so many things … from the environment and what a person is doing to how they are feeling, a moment that can be remembered and shared with others for many years to come. 

Now, more than 10 years later, she has come a long way — a lot of experience, photography competitions, photo shoots, publication in magazines — and it’s just a beginning, with so much more to look forward to.


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