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Cymone Van Marter

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Cymone is a seventeen-year-old artist and student. She is currently a junior but is already making plans for college and beyond. She loves photography and the visual arts, as well as design. She loves to act, sing, dance, draw, hug, smile, and laugh. Since she was small, she has wished that magic was real. Through photography, cinematography, and a little bit of skill and practice, she has been able to make that wish come true. The visual arts are a form of magic, and one small photo can open a whole world.


Nicole Ringgold Greenhouse
Nicole Ringgold Moth
Nicole Ringgold Sunflower
Nicole Ringgold Studio
Nicole Ringgold Studio
Nicole Ringgold Dragonfly
Nicole Ringgold Outdoor Space
Nicole Ringgold Windchime
Nicole Ringgold Hummingbird

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