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Chisara Agor

on social media

Ever-shifting environments and constantly (r)evolving juxtapositions of experience are recurring themes in much of Chisara Agor’s art. It’s a fitting focus for her expansive, multidisciplinary practice, which originates in part from her creative education at a local theatre. From a young age, Chisara learned to act, sing, play, dance and write simultaneously (not to mention her extensive visual output). The storytelling and theatrical elements present in her music and artworks are drawn from a philosophical enquiry and desire to create works that inspire conversation, reflection and critique. From society to politics to how we find joy, Chisara’s work is as much about the world around her as it is her own personal interpretation of it.

Chisara has been commissioned by Sound UK, BBC/ICA, Spitalfields Music and Talawa Theatre Company, among others, to create compositions, projects, works and films. Her most recent project in development, Nocturnal Sun, a bold interdisciplinary production and album with themes of pre-colonial cosmology, surrealism and climate justice, will be premiering in part this spring.


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