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Chera Phipody

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Meet Chera Phipody, a self-taught product photographer who grew up in a small Indonesian village and now lives in the bustling city of Singapore. With academic degrees in mathematics and science, and a master’s in information systems technology, Chera initially embarked on a technical career path. However, a life transition revealed her true calling: photography and craft.

This journey began about a decade ago in Chiangmai, Thailand, as Chera transitioned from her professional life to becoming a dedicated housewife. What started as a hobby capturing the elegance of food and crafts in their vibrant natural hues soon evolved into a deep-seated passion
for photography. This newfound love, ignited in Chiangmai, flourished further in Singapore.

Chera’s artistic endeavors extend beyond photography. She also delved into bag making, infusing her creative vision into each piece. This led to the challenge of photographing her creations, allowing Chera to showcase their allure through her unique perspective.

Her photographic style is characterized by its simplicity and impact, focusing on how natural light and vivid colors animate the subject. Her work with Sew Sweetness exemplifies this, where her talents in both bag making and photography beautifully merge.

More than a career, Chera’s journey is a voyage of discovery and passion. Her guiding philosophy — “Seek Beauty, Embrace Simplicity, Capture Essence, Inspire Souls” — eloquently captures her evolution from an enthusiastic amateur to a skilled product photographer and artisan. Chera’s narrative is a vivid illustration of how passion can turn everyday moments into captivating and enduring art.


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