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Toft is a British craft company based in rural Warwickshire, England, and home of the Edward’s Menagerie and Alexandra’s Garden collections of crochet animals and plants by me, Kerry Lord.

Bringing traditional crafts and contemporary designs together using luxury materials, we specialise in beginner knit and crochet kits and have a wide range of pattern books and British wool. We offer everything on our website, including video tutorials, but we also love taking “TOFT on tour,” exhibiting at shows and events, and hosting workshops all around the globe.

Our luxurious pure wool yarns are spun in the U.K. to our exact specifications to have a bouncy and lofty texture that ensures a beautifully soft fabric, whether you’re knitting a hat or crocheting a portrait of your pet pooch! Our core natural colour spectrum of stunning greys and browns (inspired by alpacas on our farm) is spun in Fine, Double Knitting (DK), Aran and Chunky weights. We’ve had lots of fun over the years expanding our DK range to include bright jewel tones, subtle pastels, and limited-edition hand-dyed skeins, each to accompany birds, flowers, vegetables and more as we continue to explore and design.

We’re a small and hardworking creative team, grown from initially being just myself, with the help of a few part-time sales assistants, to now being run by a team of 12 full-time imaginative individuals. We do everything in-house, from design work to photography, to dispatching parcels and customer service, all from our HQ base.

So whether you’ve got a pattern query or need help choosing yarn colours for your next project, we’re always at the other end of the phone or an email.
Instagram: toft_uk
Facebook: TOFTuk
YouTube: TOFT_uk