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Selma’s Flower by Christa Schoenbrodt

“As a career-long graphic designer/illustrator who recently started a side hustle as a textile printmaker, I love allowing the influence of my handmade work to feed my digital work and vice versa. This flower mandala was originally designed on my computer then translated to a relief block carving, then hand-printed, scanned and touched up on my computer. I chose this design because it can allow for more unique possibilities of creativity wherein users incorporate their own craft over it around it, or within it. Whether with embroidery, applique, beading, dying, coloring, painting–whatever inspires someone to create their own unique expression of their bag–this design can continue building a community of creators sharing their own craft with each other. Creators can continue sharing their work on social channels, tagging Women Create, each adding to the conversation around creativity across borders and boundaries.”

Instagram: @christa_studiohaus