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Submitted by Andrée Baillargeon

I often work very late at night forgetting about time. Mitzy, like my dog, seemed to know that at some point enough was enough. Mitzy showed up on one of these late nights when I was still sewing away. There are beautiful large pines on the side of the small cabin where I live, so when I heard some thumping on the deck I just thought some wild animal, probably a raccoon, was rummaging through my flower pots. I kept on working intrigued by what was coming together. But when the animal started thumping on the glass door, I looked up. There was just enough moonlight to see a silhouette standing on is hind legs and a big round belly swaying to the rhythm of the beating paws. Who could be so bold? I wondered. Getting closer, realizing this was a cat, amused I opened a can of tuna and walked out. As cats do, he threaded his large furry body around my ankles and began eating. Leaving the door ajar I went back to work. Soon enough, the cat walked in as if he knew the place and curled up on the bed. Perhaps the sound of the sewing machine still going, in the wee hours my guest jumped on the table and parked himself between me and my sewing machine. Looking into these large green eyes there was a haunting sense of familiarity. Mitzy knocked at my door three weeks after my beloved 19-year-old dog passed away, taking over her job as timekeeper. Go to bed girl, tomorrow is another day.