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Ikigai Fiber

My name is Pam Sasaki-Powers and I’m a freelance knitwear designer residing in sunny Orange County, California.

In 2007, my journey into creating knitting patterns began as a quest for the charming, hand-knit clothing and accessories that were financially out of reach. What blossomed from that initial desire was a deep passion for the art of knitting. The idea that a mere ball of yarn and two needles could transform into your favorite, coziest sweater is truly remarkable.

Over time, I expanded my pattern enterprise to include the online sale of knitting kits, and participation in retail craft shows. In 2019, faced with the challenge of finding high-quality chunky weight yarn, I founded Ikigai Fiber and introduced Chibi Paka Chunky Yarn. Since then, I’ve expanded the collection with various accessories, such as luxurious faux-fur pom-poms, woolen poms, and embroidered buttons.

“Ikigai” embodies the Japanese philosophy of finding intrinsic value that gives life meaning. Ikigai is often represented as the center of a Venn diagram overlapping what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for. With my Japanese heritage, I feel a profound connection to Japan’s history and culture, and the social significance of handicrafts.


During the COVID lockdown, I cultivated a new-found love for embroidery through virtual classes. Eager to merge embroidery with hand-knits, I created two “Stick & Stitch” embroidery patterns — designs printed on water-soluble stabilizer perfectly suited for knitted fabric. In response to the demand for tapestry weight wool and my affection for vibrant hues and mini skeins, I introduced the Poketto Chibi Pack.

Color is a pivotal element in my product line. I develop color palettes with the help of my resident expert in color and design, Amy Opie. We often can be found sharing Pinterest boards and brainstorming design ideas.

The most gratifying aspect of my business is discovering innovative products to inspire artisans worldwide. I invite you to join me on an exploration of Japanese-inspired handcrafts, and perhaps you’ll uncover your own ikigai along the way.
Instagram: ikigaifiber