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Episode 7: The Secrets Behind Creating The Perfect Feature In WHERE or WHAT WOMEN CREATE

Wendy Dunning of WD DesignWorks is a publications designer with 25 years of experience. Over that time, she has designed hundreds of books, mostly for North Light Books, formerly an imprint of F+W Media. She has also designed issues of Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal and, of course, the magazines of WOMEN CREATE.

In her podcast, she shares the knowledge and the secrets that you need when submitting your story to WOMEN CREATE in order for her to design the most beautiful, most inspiring story possible. Your story that includes, not only the words but, the photographs and the passion that you want to share with all of those who read and love these magazines as much you and Wendy do. 

Wendy’s Secret: “I’m a huge nerd. I made a Doctor Who scarf (knitted from leftover skeins of yarn) and wore it to high school. It was probably my first cosplay, before it really became a thing.”

Some options for learning more about photography and lighting:

  • Check your library’s online resources. LinkedIn Learning (formerly is free through many libraries. Universal Class is also available through the library.
  • has a number of classes for purchase, either monthly or per class.
  • Do a search on YouTube, especially for product photography or interior photography.

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