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Episode 29: Behind the Ever-changing Vintage Scene with Ki Nassauer


In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Ki Nassauer, dubbed the “Martha Stewart of vintage” in media coverage from varied sources such as the Wall Street Journal, NBC’s “Today,” and HGTV, joins Jo Packham for a discussion on the ever-changing vintage scene and her journey as a vintage entrepreneur.

She has gained a loyal and engaged audience, with nearly 220,000 followers on social media. Ki has crafted a career from vintage since 1999, scouring antiques shops, flea markets, salvage yards and the occasional street-side pile of castoffs for objects to create decor that is functional, beautiful and unique.

One of Ki’s joys is connecting with a vast national network of vintage and antique aficionados — dealers, artisans and individuals who simply love vintage and repurposing. She was able to nurture and broaden that connection in her nine years as editor of Flea Market Style magazine. In 2006, Ki founded the vintage shopping extravaganza, Junk Bonanza, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Junk Bonanza showcases hand-picked wares from dealers nationwide and attracts 15,000 attendees.

As the creator of Lived-In Style online magazine, Ki continues to share her passion for all things old and authentic while chronicling the beauty and utility of the vintage-inspired life. Ki is currently working on her new book for Ryland, Peters & Small / CICO, which will be available Spring 2023.
Born and raised in Minnesota and now living in Los Angeles, Ki is a proud mother and friend to her two grown children, with whom she enjoys touring neighboring vineyards and chowing down at local restaurants. She is thrilled to be “Kiki” to three grandchildren.

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