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Episode 28: Having a Vision with the Reality of Being the CEO with Wendy Batten

In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Jo Packham invites Wendy Batten to discuss the art of balancing being a creative — and having a vision and dreams — with the reality of being a CEO and all the “unsexy and unfun parts” that come with that role. As a business coach and creative herself, she understands what it takes to turn a hobby and passion into a thriving business.

Wendy Batten is on a mission to improve the lives of creative shop owners across the globe. Wendy works with established independent brick and mortars who have big hearts and passion for what they do and want to elevate their skills and reclaim their dreams, profits, and passion. She brings a collected mix of experience to the table, including decades of being in the self-employed trenches, learning the hard way how to run a business, she’s since sold 2 successful companies, franchised one, and co-founded a 3rd with her husband; has extensive leadership and customer experience and has worked with industry leaders as the primary educator and on their business teams.

Along the way … she realized helping other see what’s possible for them and thrives in her role as their guide – giving them the tools, resources and map along with a big dose of cheerleading. She became the coach she wished she’d had. 

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