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Episode 27: Elevating Your Artistic Journey with Kelly Rae Roberts

In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Jo Packham and Kelly Rae Roberts join together to discuss elevating your artistic journey and taking what life brings you and running with it!

Kelly Rae is an artist, author, guide, and former social worker. She is obsessed with possibility (a Possibilitarian!). She is passionate about
creating art that uplifts, encourages, and inspires. She loves helping women nourish their souls and unleash their joy through creativity and self-kindness. As a seasoned entrepreneur, one of Kelly Rae’s favorite things to do is radiate possibility with other creative entrepreneurs, mentoring them toward all that is calling. Along the way, Kelly Rae has created several well-loved e-courses and retreats, sharing all that she has learned by crafting a creative life and running a profitable art business.

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