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Episode 24: Finding Inspiration To Reinvigorate Life with Krifka Steffey

In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Jo Packham and Krifka Steffey join forces to discuss finding inspiration and ways to invigorate your life! Krifka, the director of merchandise at Barnes & Noble, explains how she looks for influence and vision in her day-to-day life, and provides resources and suggestions for those looking to get started in the world of magazines.

As Director of Merchandise at Barnes & Noble, Krifka has direct responsibility for all things related to the Barnes & Noble Newsstand and the Entertainment businesses. This includes buying activities such as determining what magazines and vinyl will be carried at the over 600 retail locations and creating and developing new products. The Newsstand department has even dabbled a bit in the creation of their own products including a 3-part series called “For the Love of Paper” which just reached over $1m in sales in partnership with Sterling Publishing (now known as Union Square & Co.), as well as a brand new magazine with A360 media called “The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl”.

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