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Episode 2: It’s Never Too Late with Jane Pollak

Artist, author and entrepreneur Jane Pollak joins Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Blot for a conversation on setting aside excuses and doing what you love NOW. An artist throughout her life, Jane took a detour for a couple of decades as a coach for creative entrepreneurs. But she reclaimed her role as an artist at the start of the pandemic when everything shut down and she had just learned a new craft — Penny Rug Pillow-making. She re-created herself at warp speed (though it felt like millennia to her), accomplishing in less than three years (and getting the attention of high-end interior designers) what took decades to build the first time around when her art form was Ukrainian Easter eggs.

In this episode, Jane shares the fascinating story of her entrepreneurial and creative journey, including displaying her work at the White House and drawing the attention of a high-profile tech pioneer. She also provides insight into the importance of shutting out negativity and surrounding oneself with a team of supporters.

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