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Episode 13: Learning Art & Creativity with Marian Parsons

You can be born with the gift of creativity and artistic abilities, but you can also gain these skills through determination and enthusiasm. Listen to Marian Parsons, and Jo Packham chat about art and creativity as learned skills. Marian is the creative force behind the blog Miss Mustard Seed, a paint enthusiast, artist, encourager, bibliophile & lover of all things home. She is also the author of Feels Like Home, a home décor book released in October 2021.

Marian lives in the Midwest with her husband, two boys, two cats, and a dog. She is the epitome of a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a spiderweb of creative endeavors including writing, photography, design, fine art, furniture refinishing and home décor. She has a habit of turning every hobby into a business, which can be simultaneously amazing and a problem, especially when it comes to creating a studio that accommodates all of her ideas. 

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Marian Parsons