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Zoe, Oliver & Angela


My day begins bright and early around 4 a.m. I happily tell my humans that I need to get outside and start hunting. For some reason, they do not want to get up when I do, but I don’t mind. I love getting to start my adventures before the sun is up. Oliver, my brother who is an orange tabby my humans adopted before me, usually sleeps in as well. He doesn’t really like going outside and waits to see who will cuddle with him longer. Even though I’m bright white, I just know that I’m good at hiding and stalking my prey. Plus, I just love hanging out with my groundhog friend! He tells me where all the good hiding spots are. We are in Indiana and there are so many fun creatures to play cat and mouse with!

Plus, sometimes my humans bring their cozy quilts outside and take pictures. So I make sure to get into every photo that I can — I especially love the ones with my youngest family member, Caitlyn. It’s extra fun when they are outdoors with me, but they never seem to know exactly when I want to go back inside to eat and sleep. They are pretty good humans to have, but I often have to give them a talking to.  



One of my humans, Angela, is home almost all of the time and I love her most because of it. She is always working with different soft and pretty fabrics, designing quilt patterns and fabrics for Windham Fabrics. There are about 1,000 quilts in the house that I rotate all of my daily naps on.  I may let Oliver clean me up when I come inside and settle down where he is, but other times I just need some space to myself. And by “space to myself,” I mean that I need to snuggle in my human Angela’s lap.  She still moves around a bit, but I’m pretty insistent that I get to stay in her lap. Eventually, she gives up and stays just where I’m comfortable. 

And oh how I love to sit right on her! She works in front of the giant screen, typing away answering customer questions or working in Illustrator, and I climb right up on the desk and crawl into her lap. I’ve found it works best if I block her view so that I’m the only thing she can focus on. It’s a definite bonus if I trap her arms so she can no longer do that annoying typing.



When she is not sitting at the desk, I like to sit there in her chair … just to keep it warm for her. I’m such a good kitty and my humans are super lucky to have me be so considerate. I will take over the studio chair and nap, and I let Oliver take over distracting … er … supervising Angela. He has a great way of climbing onto anything that Angela is creating with those soft fabrics to test out the cuddle factor. Angela tries her best, but we all know that everything is better when it is cat approved. Oliver and I take our roles quite seriously and are sure to run over and sit or nap on anything that touches a flat surface. We need to make sure that everything in our house has our cat hair on it. We know how much everyone loves that, so we are super diligent.  

Oliver’s main job is making sure that Angela really does want to keep working on her projects. He’s a little heavier than me, so he’s the perfect cat for sitting and not moving. It always makes me smile to see Angela trying to move Oliver off of her work.  I don’t think she can even lift him up. There is a lot of waving arms and clapping hands. But Oliver is good at his job and rarely moves until Angela is quite firm that she needs to keep working.  



Rinse and repeat. Oliver and I go back and forth all day testing the coziness of Angela’s work, and lap.  It’s a good thing there are two of us because this would be hard work for just me to do all on my own!

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