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Christine “Chrisy” Weisman

on social media

Christine “Chrisy” Weisman is a 39-year-old woman who discovered she loved photography 30 years ago. She has always loved taking pictures, sharing them, and making them sparkle and shine to tell stories, but as she got better at it, she knew it was her calling. 

Her passion is her family. Her husband and four children have her whole heart and attention. Like with any family, taking pictures of the babies became an obsession, but when their second precious child went home to be with the Lord, being sure to photograph life’s moments took on a whole new meaning. 

Their family does many adventures together that include fabulous hikes in national parks, so taking pictures to document and remember is a must. That led her to want to share her gift with others and help them create lasting memories. She does all kinds of photo shoots and enjoys each and every one. Glassblowing was no different, even though it was her first exposure. She learned so much about this incredible art and woman she has now gained as a friend. Another bonus of being a photographer. 

Chrisy is just a simple girl, really. Who is dyslexic and sees life better through a lens than any book.

She absolutely loves her God, family, and the fact that she gets to do something she loves and share images to tell a story. 


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