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  • Personal stories told by artists and makers from around the world.
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Where Women Create

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Inspiring Work Spaces
of Extraordinary Women


  • Studios from artists and makers around the world.
  • Inspiring stories written personally from the heart of the storyteller.
  • Concepts to incorporate into your own work space … brand-new or well-used!

What Women Create

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Inspiration for
Your Imagination


  • A nearly unlimited selection of techniques used by artists and makers around the world.
  • A pictorial anthology of the process and the passion of creating.
  • New ideas to incorporate into your designs, techniques and materials.

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The Magazines

We, You, Everyone loves these magazines …because of the honest and heartfelt stories shared by the women featured on our pages.


WHAT Women Create is not a step-by-step, how-to publication but rather an anthology of the process and the passion of what these women create. Each story is written with the imagination of and celebrates the courage and tenacity of each of these women who teach us all that we, too, can create that which comes from our soul, that which is seen through our eyes, and that which is made by our own hands.


If you do not pay attention to, and understand that the details of your creative spaces are as important as the actual process of creating, as well as what you create, then success is so much more difficult to achieve. On these pages of WHERE Women Create you will be inspired to surround yourself with all that is essential to create a space that fills your life with what dreams are made of.