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Susie Arkell is the founder and lead dyer of Fiber MacGyver, a hand-dyed yarn brand founded in 2021 in Ham Lake, Minnesota. She discovered her passion for dyeing yarn while coping with her sister’s long hospital stay due to COVID-19. Gloriously, her sister survived … and Fiber MacGyver was born.

Susie’s mom, Marguerite, once owned a yarn shop and instilled in Susie a true love for fiber arts and a deep appreciation for building community, compassion and support for small businesses.


We at Fiber MacGyver believe the act of making is the ultimate expression of hope. We’re committed to providing fiber artists with beautiful yarn that inspires them to hope and create. Our fiber is ethically sourced in Peru then hand dyed by us with love and grit. Fiber MacGyver yarn is available online and in select locally owned yarn stores.
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