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Submitted by Tammera Bingham

My darling, sweet cat is my crafting art companion. His bed is on my crafting art chair. He is elderly and sleeps much of the time. Charles also enjoys sitting on my craft table under the “Sun,” which is my craft art light. I always keep a folded baby blanket under the light. Each morning he meows until I turn on the “Sun” for him so he can lay and sit under it. Each night, my husband tiptoes in and turns the “Sun” off after Charles and I are asleep in our beds. Charles gives me a sense of companionship as I work on my latest project. If Charles is in my chair, I sit beside him on my stool. If he is on my table, I work around him. My eyes rest on him frequently, which fills my soul with comfort and love. If only everyone knew about the precious cat that wove his loving presence into everything I make, including a cat hair or two.