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Cali the Artistic Stray

Submitted by Lina Glorit

Cali, a stray cat in the neighborhood, came into my life around 2 years ago. She would take refuge in my patio as it was safe for her there. I asked my neighbors who owned her, I was told that her owner moved and left her behind. Cruel thing to do. People in the neighborhood had been leaving food and water out for her from time to time for a few years. So, I began feeding her and she eventually worked her way into the house, and there she stayed. Since I have a trim and ribbon business, I was afraid she could get into the merchandise and damage it. Cali never did. During Covid, I had to close my store and relocated, taking Cali with me. I couldn’t leave her behind. She didn’t deserve to be deserted a second time. She made herself at home in my new home/studio and involved herself in my work. Cali, the inspector, checks everything I do with an artistic eye and love of color and texture. I often tear up when I see her gentleness and appreciation for the things I create.